TMS ChartServer

TMS ChartServer is a professional high performance server application for maritime web-based or mobile applications like vessel tracking, fleet monitoring or surveillance systems. TMS ChartServer provides pre-rendered Electronic Navigational Charts (ENC) based on the principles of the Tile Map Service (TMS) specification and OpenStreetMap/Google tiling schemes (XYZ).



Demo Client

The S-57 ENCs used in this service were downloaded from the NOAA website and may not contain the latest data available from NOAA. By using this service you accept the User Agreement.

Please note: Areas other than the US waters are only covered by lower zoom levels.

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Functional Overview

Besides the server application itself the TMS ChartServer package comes with desktop applications for tile generation and chart installation. For automated chart installation and tile generation command line tools are provided.





Chart Installer

For  chart  installation  TMS  ChartServer provides a ready-to-use chart installation tool which imports S-57 and S-63 compliant exchange sets. Each installed dataset can be reviewed.



Tile Generator

The  Tile  Generator  is  used  to  generate  and maintain  a  tile  database  in  the  MBTiles format.  It  supports  the  administration  of several  tile  databases  with  different  content depending on the chart configuration (Safety Contour,  Object  Filters).  Tiles  can  be generated  either  for  worldwide  coverage  or for a definable area of interest.


TMS ChartServer comes with a ready-to-use chart library and tile database filled with the SevenCs small scale  world  dataset  “The  Chart”,  containing  about  4000  ports,  Exclusive  Economic  Zones  and  Traffic Separation Schemes.


TMS ChartServer Product Sheet


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