ORCA™ Navy G2

ORCA Navy G2 is an all-new professional ECS (Electronic Chart System) application specially developed for touchscreen operation. ORCA Navy G2 is ideally suited as a navigation system for small military craft, where mobility and ease of use are mission-critical.

The application can display all relevant commercial and military chart formats to enable mutual situational awareness to be achieved within the fleet. It offers all functions required in a navigation system but remains intuitive in its usability.


Technical Description:


Sensor Connectivity
  • EPFS (GPS) x2
  • Echo Reference (up to 4 targets processing)
  • Dead Reckoning
  • Visual LOP and ARPA LOP transfer
  • Heading sensors (up to 2)
  • Speed Log
Target Information
  • Target Data from AIS
  • Target Data from ARPA-Radar (up to 2)
  • AIS and ARPA Target association
  • Radar Overlay (Optional hardware required)*
Chart Data Formats
  • S57 / S63 ENC
  • bENC
  • ACES (ChartWorld SENC)
  • Additional Military Layer (AML 3.0)
  • DNC (VPF)
  • CIO+
Chart Maintenance
  • ENC updating by media
  • Automatic ENC updating from p-Server
  • Automated ENC updates via ship's e-mail
Special Features
  • Universal Transverse Marcator (UTM)
  • Military Grid Reference System (MGRS)
  • Universal Polar Stereographic (UPS) Projection




















* Please consult with 7Cs if this option is supported for a particular make/model of the radar.

ORCA Navy G2 product brochure


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