ORCA™ Navy

ORCA Navy is a professional Electronic Chart System (ECS) for military purposes that provide dedicated functionality for displaying S-57 AML data as well as GeoTiff images. It also integrates all the functions required for safe navigation using electronic charts.

Product Highlights

  • Selected display of different data formats and product versions (product panel)
  • Customized Range to Usage table allowing the user to configure usages and scale bands
  • Dynamic depth display for water level changes
  • Adjustable colours and line thickness for safety contours, own ship outline, EBL and VRM

Functional Overview

  • Position sensor interfaces (NMEA 0183V2.0) for own ship display
  • AIS NMEA transponder interfaces (NMEA 0183V2.0)
  • Supports use of official and private electronic charts based on S-57/S-63
  • Supports S-57 AML versions 1.0, 2.1 and 3.0
  • Supports VPF DNC data
  • Supports ARCS Raster formats
  • Supports GeoTiff
  • Prepared for displaying Port ENCs (PENC)
  • Displaying of different data formats and product version at the same time in one chart view
  • User Defining Military Practice Areas
  • Extended functionality for Highlight Danger Drawing
  • Dynamic depth display for water level changes
  • Course up or north up view
  • Colour settings for day and night displays
  • Chart feature magnifier
  • Detailed query of chart feature objects (Pick report)
  • Watchdog functionality with voice output and anti-grounding functionality
  • Integrates a WMS client for additional overlays, e.g. satellite images


ORCA Navy: Pickreport on AML test data 1.0 „Small Bottom Object“


ORCA Navy: Mixed modus of ENCs and GeoTiff image

(GeoTiff: by courtesy of INTA Spaceturk)


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