ORCA™ River

ORCA™ River is a software product designed by SevenCs to facilitate navigation in areas with restricted manoeuvrability such as inland waterways and channels.

Product Highlights

Sensor data and targets

  • Sensor quality indicator for position accuracy
  • Support of sensors for heading, rotation, depth and wind
  • All interface ports provide a fallback option with a secondary port
  • User-friendly alert management including option to deactivate the alarm sound

Tow Management

  • Special TowBuilder function provides a graphical tow management
  • Selection of barges from a barge database
  • User defined barges
  • Provides to move and combine barges for tow configuration

 AIS Targets and CPA Tracking

  • Manual or automatic tracking of targets
  • Versatile filter options for automatic tracking
  • Coloured indicators for meeting, passing and overtaking operations
  • Display of different TCPA calculation modes for river and coastal operations


  • Charts are automatically loaded during the operation
  • Support of Inland ENCs, SENCs, BSB raster charts, as well as tailor-made charts with higher accuracy and S-63 protected ENCs
  • Facility to create overlay charts with user defined objects
  • ChartHandler Product Page

Support and Services

24/7 Hotline Support

Support Service answers to all questions related to the use of ORCA River via email or telephone. In case of specific queries SevenCs offers Remote Desktop Sharing via Web session.

Update Service

Changes in official standards are only one of many important reasons to keep your running system up-to-date. The SevenCs service offers to automatically receive all available software updates.

Digital maritime data services by ChartWorld

The cooperation between ECDIS manufacturers and data suppliers is a prerequisite for an easy transition to ECDIS. SevenCs´ affiliated company ChartWorld enables manufacturers to integrate high-level data services. ChartWorld stands for:

ISO9001: 2008 Certified
DNV (S)ENC Approval according to PRIMAR Standards
IHB Certified Data Server
Official PRIMAR and IC-ENC Value Added Reseller
UKHO Digital Chart Agent
NOAA Certified CEVAD
USACE Data Provider
ACES – Advanced ChartWorld ENC Service – official ENC in (S)ENC format

For all your digital charts and pubclications contact
ChartWorld – The Digital Chart Agent at: support@chartworld.com / www.chartworld.com

Register here for a free evaluation of ORCA River, or contact sales@sevencs.com for more information.


ORCA River product brochure


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