ECDIS Kernel SDK, ENC Production Tools & ECS Software

SevenCs designs and develops market-leading Kernel SDKs, software tools and applications for:
  • Developing professional maritime chart display applications, 

  • Digital nautical chart production, maintenance and management, and

  • Applications such as inland navigation, portable pilot units, and naval patrol boats.

 SevenCs was founded in 1992 and is based in Hamburg, Germany. 



  • Kernel 5.18 Release

    SevenCs has released a new version of the well-established Chart Display Kernel. The new software development kit for both Windows and Linux applications now includes, besides others, support of

    • ·         Digital Elevation Terrain Data (DTED);
    • ·         ARINC aviation charts;
    • ·         New development environment Visual Studio 2010 32/64bit



  • Portsmouth Pilots Choose ORCA Pilot G2

    After a series of trials with different Portable Pilot Units (PPU) the Portsmouth Pilots have selected ORCA Pilot G2 as their navigation tool. The new Software is produced by SevenCs, the leading maritime software development company for navigation and chart production.
  • YouTube featuring ORCA Pilot G2

    Please join us on a virtual tour and experience ORCA Pilot G2 software.