Electronic Navigational Chart (ENC) Production Tools

The Complete Chart Production Solution

The core combination of ENC Designer, ENC Optimizer and 7Cs Analyzer provides all the software tools required to create a wide range of digital nautical-chart products, including ENCs, IENCs, and AMLs.

Further tools and plug-ins, such as the S-57 Writer plug-in for FME from Safe Software, as well as the ENC Referencer, covers standard data-import requirements.

Other tools, such as the ENC Bathymetry Plotter (bathymetric contours), ENC Encryptor and ENC Permit Generator (S-63 encryption and control), cover other key aspects of the workflow involved in chart production and distribution.

ENC Life Cycle

Viewed as a whole, the SevenCs ENC Tools cover the complete ENC life cycle.

ENC Tools: Key Benefits

  • A modular software structure that can be easily tailored to requirements,
  • Easy-to-use software that does not require an in-depth knowledge of GIS tools, and
  • Extremely cost effective, even for smaller, low-volume chart production environments.

Typical Applications

Used by more than 30 hydrographic offices, port authorities and inland waterway authorities worldwide, the ease of use, flexibility and cost-effectiveness of the SevenCs ENC Tools make them ideally suited to low and medium-volume chart production environments, especially where there is a specialist production requirement, such as AML or Port ENCs.

Typical applications and users for the ENC Tools include:

  • Small Hydrographic Services
  • Port and Harbour Authorities
  • Surveying Companies
  • Coastal Surveillance Authorities
  • Simulation Systems Manufacturers and Integrators
  • Military Chart Production Units