What are the ENC Tools?

The ENC Tools are a collection of software products to produce, maintain and distribute Electronic Navigational Charts (ENC) in S-57 format. The single software tools can be purchased separately. They can be combined to build a perfect data production environment matching the user’s requirements.

What kind of data can be produced with ENC Designer?

First of all, with ENC Designer data in IHO S-57 Edition 3.1 ENCs can be produced.
Furthermore all latest editions of Inland ENCs, AML, Port ENC and bathymetric ENCs are supported.

Can I use ENC Designer to digitise my paper charts?

Yes, you can. There are two possibilities:

  1. ENC Designer can be connected to a digitiser table. That way the paper chart can be directly digitised.
  2. A paper chart can be scanned and saved as an image file in common picture formats. You simply georeference this file with ENC Referencer and subsequently load it into ENC Designer. That enables you to digitise directly on your computer monitor without the need for a digitiser table. Moreover, the digitising accuracy is much better than with a digitiser table.

Can I create S-57 master/slave relationships with ENC Tools?

Yes, ENC Designer enables you to easily connect objects forming a master / slave relationship.
Our optimisation software ENC Optimizer offers a function that can carry out this process automatically.

Do you offer any software to convert digital data of different formats into S-57?

Yes, SevenCs now offers a plug-in for the famous FME® from Safe. FME and our S-57 Writer plug-in allows you to convert hundreds of different digital formats to S-57.

Can I test your software before I purchase it?

Of course we do offer for our customers time-limited evaluation licenses.  Please contact our sales department (sales@sevencs.com) if you are interested in testing our software.

How do I get updates for the software?

Within a valid software support agreement you will automatically receive all available bug-fixes for your licenses. In addition you will be able to use our help-desk support via phone, fax and e-mail (Mon - Fri). A quotation for Major updates will be available on request.


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