Navigation Software

SevenCs has used its unrivalled knowledge of chart information-display systems and digital chart production techniques to create a professional range of specialised navigational software:

ORCA™ Master G2

ORCA Master G2 is a professional Electronic Chart System (ECS) for marine navigation. It integrates all the functions required for safe navigation using electronic charts. 

ORCA™ Pilot X

ORCA Pilot is a professional Electronic Chart System (ECS) for pilots. It provides dedicated functionality for special operations like docking and manoeuvring in shallow waters or narrow fairways. The PPU software is available for different types of hardware platform.

ORCA™ Navy G2

For smaller military craft, e.g. fast patrol boats, where it is not practical to install a full WECDIS system but it is still necessary to display tactical information overlays, such as AMLs.


This new product can be provided as software only, or in a package together with IEC conform hardware and type approval.


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