ChartServer for ENC

Nowadays maritime charts are very often used in combination with, or as a backdrop for, other geo-spatial data such as offshore constructions, sea state, AIS targets, weather etc. Unlike in a navigation system such environments consist of several seats or clients where the use of a server is very beneficial, i.e. charts are maintained centrally at one location and all users will view the same charts.

Depending on the respective use case SevenCs provides two solutions, the WMS ChartServer and the TMS ChartServer.

For systems with high demands on the chart display, i.e. flexible chart display configuration or non-rectangular chart projections, the WMS ChartServer is the better choice. This may apply to Vessel Traffic Systems or Naval Combat Management systems.

For web-based or mobile applications like vessel tracking, fleet operation or surveillance applications the demands on the chart display may not be so high but instead there is the demand for a very good performance. For such cases the tile based TMS ChartServer may be the preferred option.


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