ENC Designer

Create & Maintain S-57 data

ENC Designer is the central application of the SevenCs ENC Tools production suite. It is a powerful and very easy-to-use software that has been developed for the production of S-57 Electronic Navigational Charts (ENCs).

Chart production with ENC Designer is not limited to ENCs – Inland ENCs, AML, Port ENCs and bathymetric ENCs are supported as well.

ENC Designer is supplied as a package with ENC Manager and ENC Referencer.     

Using ENC Designer, charts can be produced on a stand-alone basis or integrated into a flexible chart-production workflow which is controlled by ENC Manager. Updates, new chart editions or S-57 Exchange Sets are easily created. The S-57 chart data sets are stored in the ENC Manager repository.

ENC Designer’s user-friendly edit functions make it easy to apply new objects or to change existing ones. Extensive functions allow you to query data sets by ensuring a quick identification of object definitions. ENC Designer supports automatic line tracing on the basis of raster backdrops (geo-referenced image files). The respective chart images are geo-referenced with ENC Referencer.

While your production work proceeds you can see the chart features being presented like in an ECDIS Chart Display. Simply switch to another display mode to view the spatial primitives of your data. Moreover, you can also view S-57 feature and spatial objects simultaneously.

Bathymetry Mode

ENC Designer supports import of depth data in ascii format – also referred to as xyz data. A pre-defined bathymetry colour palette is used to visualize the data. The user can set parameters to specify the colour display at discrete depth ranges.

The Bathymetry Mode is very useful for comparing charted contour lines and the source bathymetry. For instance, bathymetry data that has been processed in ENC Bathymetry Plotter can be displayed in ENC Designer to review the contouring results.

To learn more about new features and extensions please refer to the latest Release Notes.

ENC Designer - Main Features

  • Supports all S-57 products
  • New: import of xyz bathymetry data/bathymetry mode
  • Easy data-capturing and data-encoding
  • Semi-automatic raster tracing
  • Separate S-57 feature and geometry handling
  • Powerful filter functions for object selection and data query
  • Different display modes
  • Data validation mode
  • Includes a set of additional tools for special tasks


  ENC Designer Product Sheet

ENC Designer video:

ENC Manager - Main Features:

  • Easy ENC life-cycle management
  • Direct interaction with ENC production and validation tools
  • Creates updates, new editions and exchange sets
  • Integrated S-57 file repository

ENC Referencer - Main Features:

  • Easy geo-referencing of image files
  • Quick and easy image handling (zoom, pan)
  • Simple selection of reference points
  • Support of predefined and custom coordinate systems
  • Reads images in TIFF, PNG, BMP, GIF,or JPG Format


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