WMS ChartServer

There are many applications where it is necessary to display standard electronic navigational charts (ENCs) in combination with, or as a back-drop to, other geo-spatial data. ChartServer is an OGC compliant WMS server specifically designed to display ENCs, and other nautical chart formats, correctly.

Although not designed for large scale web-applications, ChartServer is the perfect tool for software developers to create small and medium-scale multi-user applications where there is a need to mix general geo-spatial data with nautical chart data that is correctly displayed.

ChartServer can also be used in an intranet environment where an organization wants users to look at and refer to nautical chart data using web-technology.


Product Highlights

  • Supports WMS version 1.1.1 and 1.3.0.

  • Provided for Windows and Linux

  • Extended proprietary GetMap parameters to support a more flexible chart presentation:
    - IHO S-52 chart settings (safety values, display categories, etc.)
    - Object filtering
    - Chart rotation

  • Support of navigation related projections, e.g. Gnomonic
  • Support of multiple maritime and naval chart products, i.e.
  • Includes “The Chart”, SevenCs' small scale overview charts

ChartServer comes along with ChartHandler, a stand-alone chart installation tool for all supported chart products, unencrypted or S-63 encrypted.

ChartServer serves chart images using standard WMS requests. The introduction of extended WMS parameters allows a more flexible configuration of the chart image, e.g. switching lights, text etc on/off, defining safety contour, object filters and chart rotation.


Demo Client

The S-57 ENCs used in this service were downloaded from the NOAA website and may not contain the latest data available from NOAA. By using this service you accept the User Agreement.

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WMS ChartServer Flyer

Along with ChartServer SevenCs is offering a unique S-57 background chart with useful and safety relevant information in a scale of 1:1.000.000. The Chart is a perfect base to improve functionality and appearance of ECDIS and ECS applications, though it’s not intended for navigation purposes.


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