ENC Encryptor Package

ENC Encryptor Package comprises ENC Encryptor and ENC Permit Generator. It allows organizations producing Electronic Navigational Charts (ENCs) to encrypt and sign their data according to the IHO S-63 Data Protection Scheme.

ENC information can be encrypted to prevent unauthorized copying of data. Moreover, ENC encryption can be used as an instrument to grant access to only those charts that the customer has acquired licenses for. The respective chart-access keys are created by means of the ENC Permit Generator.  To assure that the data came from an approved source, digital signatures are used.

Thus the ENC Encryptor Package provides:

  • Piracy Protection,
  • Selective Access,
  • Source Authentication for your ENCs.

ENC Encryptor - Main Features:

  • S-63 encryption of ENC exchange sets (base cells and update files)
  • Easy handling of S-63-specific keys and certificates (import, key generation, export, secure storage)
  • User management control (super user and restricted user)
  • Storage of encrypted data in S-63 exchange sets

ENC Permit Generator - Main Features: 

  • Generation of chart-access keys
  • Management of individual data clients (ECDIS, ECS, or other applications)
  • Creation of S-63 permit files


   ENC Encryptor Package Product Sheet


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