S-57 Writer Plug-In for FME

The Feature Manipulation Engine (FME®) from Safe Software Inc. is a powerful software tool for the conversion of digital data from one format into another.

SevenCs S-57 Writer Plug-In is an extension for FME Professional that allows FME users to export their data into S-57 format in order to produce ENCs, IENCs, AMLs or custom S-57 products.

SevenCs developed the S-57 Writer in close cooperation with Safe Software Inc. and its German partner con terra GmbH.



  • Smoothly integrates in FME Workbench and FME Universal Translator.
  • Supports latest versions of all S-57 products.
  • Comes with S-57 schema importer for all supported products.
  • Allows control of S-57 Feature Record Ids and Feature Object Ids.
  • Supports use of custom objects and attributes.
  • Integrated S-57 topology checks and corrections.
  • Output of detailed translation log messages.
  • Capable of being integrated in batch processes.
  • Extensive set of sample workspaces to do test translations and self-training.
  • Detailed documentation for self-training.

S-57 Writer for FME Product Sheet 


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