S-101 Writer Plug-In for FME

7Cs S-101 Writer for FME is a new plug-in SevenCs has developed for processing oFMEf geo-spatial data with the Feature Manipulation Engine (FME) from Safe Software Inc.

In conjunction with FME the plug-in enables customers to convert geo-spatial data that may exists in a variety of formats or databases for integration into new generation ENCs complying to IHO S-101. This includes S-57 to S-101 conversion.

Fast data access and great performance are guaranteed due to the integration of SevenCs’ S-100 Kernel Nautilus, which serves as the technological backbone of the S-101 Writer.

SevenCs developed the S-101 Writer in close cooperation with Safe Software Inc. and its German partner
con terra GmbH.





  • Smooth integration in FME Workbench and FME Quick Translator
  • Includes checks to verify validity of S-101 features and attributes
  • Support of S-101 simple and complex attributes
  • Honors complex S-101 topology model
  • Different modes of S-101 feature type definition (manually, from pre-defined list, dynamically on-the fly).
  • Supports batch processing
  • Extensive set of sample workspaces to do test translations and self-training.
  • Detailed documentation for self-training



Please click to download S-101 WRITER FOR FME Product Sheet


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