The Chart

In most ECS/ECDIS applications on the market a background world chart is not provided at all or provided with an insufficient scale. This leads to limitations in usability, the result of irritating gaps where areas are not covered by commercially purchased charts. They may even endanger the ship and crew in emergency situations.

SevenCs is offering a unique S-57 background chart with useful and safety-relevant information at a scale of 1:1,000,000. The Chart is a perfect basis for improving the functionality and appearance of ECDIS and ECS applications, though it is not intended for navigation purposes.

Technical Specification

Compilation scale: 1:1,000,000
Chart divided into: 96 cells
Cell Size: 0.5 – 0.8 MB
Total size - all cells: 66 MB
Total size including ports and airports: 69 MB
Updates: 1 per year
Cell content:

  • Coastlines
  • Depth Contours
  • Land Areas
  • Depth Areas
  • Rivers
  • Sea Areas
  • Administrative Areas
  • Exclusive Economic Zones
  • Traffic Separation Schemes
  • Anchorage Areas
  • Restricted Areas
  • Main Sea Ports
  • Airports with Codes

Supported Chart Formats

The Chart can be installed in all software applications that are capable of reading any of the
chart formats mentioned below:

Format Description Remarks
S-57 IHO standard for official ENC OEM has to take reasonable measures to protect the data from copying
S-63 IHO data encryption and security standard OEM has to be able to provide the ENC User Permit
dENC SENC format suitable for applications operating with 7Cs Kernel OEM has to take reasonable measures to protect the data from copying


The license for 'The Chart' is free for users of SevenCs and ChartWorld products and services: customers of eGlobe, Chart Browser, Chart Server and products of the ORCA family.

OEM customers of SevenCs Chart Kernel can receive The World Chart in dENC SENC format for unlimited redistribution as part of their products.

License for use in other products

'The Chart' in S-63 format can be purchased at regular market prices in the ChartWorld Webshop. Installation of the license requires a permit and is restricted to one HW ID only.



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