EC2007 ECDIS Kernel FAQ

What is the ECDIS Kernel?

It is a software library of software development kit. It contains all the functions required to display electronic nautical charts in accordance with IEC, IMO and IHO ECDIS standards. In addition, it provides various high-level and low-level functions for Chart Import, Chart Work, Visualisation, Feature Query, Route Planning, Sensor Input, Navigation, etc.

It is not 'ready-to-use' navigation software. 

Does the Kernel include any chart data?

Yes, the Kernel includes a world dataset in small scale, and also sample large-scale data of the North Sea and Baltic Sea.

The Kernel supports the import of official S-57 / S-63 data and VPF data.

A complete range of ENCs and other digital nautical charts can be purchased from our sister company, ChartWorld.

What operating systems does the EC2007 Kernel support?

The Kernel is available for a wide range of 32-bit and 64-bit Windows and Linux operating systems.

Please contact for an up-to-date list. 

What software development environments are supported?

EC2007 is native C++ with an ANSI C interface. In addition, the SharpCoat extension provides a C# / .NET wrapper for rapid development environments.

SevenCs uses Visual Studio 2005 for in-house development, but Borland C++ Builder can also be used (with some minor restrictions). Under Linux the Kernel is compiled with the GNU C++ compiler and built with the Glibc library.

How do I get started with the Kernel?

Since the Kernel is a library you have to write an application that calls specific Kernel functions. To get you started, SevenCs provides some sample tools and Win32-based, X11-based or Qt-based applications. These are delivered with the Kernel as executables and as source code to compile and run.

In addition a detailed programming guide is delivered with the EC2007 Kernel; SevenCs can also provide training as required.

For evaluation purposes SevenCs provides a 60-day license free of cost.

How do I register my Kernel software?

Each application utilizing the EC2007 ECDIS Kernel has to be registered. The registration is based on a hardware ID which is calculated by means of the hard disk, network card or a dongle.

The hardware ID is also required to order charts from ChartWorld. The chart agent uses the H/W ID to generate unique chart permits that are required to install and view the chart data.

Is the Kernel locked to one hardware system?

Generally speaking, yes it is. However, if you need to be able to move a license around we offer a number of options including hardware dongles and network licenses.

Please contact for more details.

What happens if my registered hardware breaks?

If you are using a hardware dongle, the dongle can simply be moved to a new hardware system. In other cases we have a straightforward process of service registration that allows you to move your license from one machine to another.


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