Maritime SDK

Nautilus ECDIS Kernel

Nautilus ECDIS Kernel is the next generation software development kit (SDK) for maritime applications. This S-100 compliant flagship allows loading and displaying a multitude of maritime as well as military chart formats while fulfilling the IMO, IHO and IEC requirements for type approved bridge equipment. The Nautilus ECDIS Kernel also provides the fastest and easiest chart import technology ever, no matter if used in ECDIS, ECS, shore applications, recreational products or tactical displays. 

The EC2007 ECDIS Kernel

The EC2007 ECDIS Kernel is a software development kit (SDK) that assists OEMs to develop a wide range of marine chart display applications, such as: ECDIS, WECDIS, VTS, Inland ECDIS, ECS, tactical consoles, etc. Fully featured, stable and compliant, EC2007 significantly reduces development risks, costs and time-to-market for maritime chart display and navigation applications, such as ECDIS.


ChartHandler is a stand-alone chart handling tool which considerably simplifies the maintenance of a chart database, i.e. the import of new charts and chart updates.


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