Maritime SDK

Nautilus ECDIS Kernel

Nautilus ECDIS Kernel is the next-generation software development kit (SDK) for maritime applications. This S-100-compliant flagship enables loading and displaying of a multitude of maritime, as well as military, chart formats; it also fulfils the IMO, IHO and IEC requirements for type-approved bridge equipment. The Nautilus ECDIS Kernel also provides the fastest and easiest chart-import technology ever, no matter whether used in ECDIS, ECS, shore applications, recreational products or tactical displays. 

The EC2007 ECDIS Kernel

The EC2007 ECDIS Kernel is a software development kit (SDK) that assists OEMs as they develop a wide range of marine chart display applications, such as: ECDIS, WECDIS, VTS, Inland ECDIS, ECS, tactical consoles, etc. Fully featured, stable and compliant, EC2007 significantly reduces development risks, costs and time-to-market for maritime chart display and navigation applications, such as ECDIS.


ChartHandler is a stand-alone chart handling tool which considerably simplifies the maintenance of a chart database, i.e. the import of new charts and chart updates.


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