EC2007 ECDIS Kernel

The EC2007 ECDIS Kernel is a software development kit (SDK) that assists OEMs to develop a wide range of marine chart display applications, such as: ECDIS, WECDIS, VTS, Inland ECDIS, ECS, tactical consoles, etc.

Fully featured, stable and compliant, EC2007 significantly reduces development risks, costs and time-to-market for maritime chart display and navigation applications, such as ECDIS.

Supported Applications

EC2007 is made not just for type approved ECDIS and Inland ECDIS applications, but also for many other military,civil and offshore applications, such as:

  • Naval Combat Systems
  • Vessel Traffic Service (VTS)
  • Harbour and Coastal Surveillance
  • Training and Simulation Systems
  • Search and Rescue (SAR)

Supported Functionality

  • Chart Handling (loading, decrypting, updating)
  • Chart Display (with automatic chart selection depending on position and scale)
  • Chart Object Handling (creation, manipulation, querying)
  • Sensor Handling for NMEA, AIS, ARPA (only EC2007 ECDIS Kernel)
  • Routing (planning, calculation, monitoring, recording)
  • Guard zone definition and prediction
  • Navigational calculations for clearing lines, electronic bearing lines (EBL) etc.

Supported Chart Products

  • ENC 2.0 (S-57 3.1.3, S-63 1.2)
  • Inland ENC (IENC) 2.4
  • Port ENC (PENC) 1.0
  • Bathymetric ENC (bENC) 1.0
  • Admiralty Information Overlay (AIO) 2.0
  • Additional Military Layer (AML) 1.0, 2.1, 3.0.1
  • DNC
  • TOD 0,1,2,4
  • VMap 0,1
  • ARCS
  • BSB
  • GeoTiff
  • DTED

Supported Standards

  • IMO Performance Standards
  • IEC 61174 and 62288
  • IHO S-57, S-52 and S-63
  • EU Inland ECDIS Standard 2.2
  • STANAG 4564 (WECDIS)
  • STANAG 7170 (AML)
  • MIL-2407 (VPF)
  • MIL-89045 (GeoSym)
  • MIL-89049 (TOD)
  • MIL-89033 (VMap)

Supported Environments

Applications utilizing EC2007 can be developed in C, C++ or C#(.NET) and for both 32bit and 64bit Windows and Linux Operating Systems.

For programming in a C#/.Net environment SevenCs offers SharpCoat, a C#/.Net wrapper for the Kernel that is specifically designed to support the rapid development of ECDIS.

Free Product Evaluation

A two months, free of charge evaluation (including comprehensive documentation and technical support) allows software developers to fully evaluate EC2007 and its associated modules.

To request a free evaluation, or to get more information please contact


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