Navigable, safe, berth-to-berth voyage planning is a prerequisite for any kind of voyage optimisation. SevenCs can offer you a solution that provides these capabilities. In the form of a variety of software components and databases that you can integrate into your application, you can build your own solution for effective planning and monitoring of vessel voyages and operations.

Voyage Planning

Fleet voyage-planning and monitoring systems for ship owners, operators, and charterers.

Route Optimization

Routing solution and data providers such as companies working on optimisation for fuel saving and efficient voyage calculation.


Insurance companies, working with the shipping industry – for tracking on-board safety-related measures.

Automatic Routing

Ship and fleet automation systems developed and used by service providers for the shipping industry such as solutions for autonomous shipping.

Chart Databases

ENCs and additional data for route calculation, analysis and verification

  • Ship-automation and fleet-automation systems, developed and used by service providers for the shipping industry, such as solutions for autonomous shipping.
  • Providers of routing solutions and data, such as companies working on efficient voyage calculation, e.g. route optimisation for fuel-saving, just-in-time arrival, and optimised route for weather forecast.




can display ENCs and other nautical chart data using OGC-compliant standard WMS. The map display can easily be integrated into web-based applications running in a browser, or into a desktop application.


provides safety checks for the route (voyage plan) in accordance with the IMO ECDIS performance standard.


collects additional data required for the voyage and generates a voyage plan.


is based on ENC data and considers all routing measures significant for route planning.


as well as additional data for route analysis and verification, are provided.


includes T&P Notices to Mariners information, plus additional databases for environmental measures, extracted and automatically added to the voyage plan.



OR … your total auto-routing solution:

In the auto-routing solution’s own environment, we do the hosting of ALL the software components required for ENC display and routing.  Client access, along with the Auto-Routing Server, is provided for all your routing-software needs and for extracting information essential for the voyage.


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