Teledyne Acquires ChartWorld International

Today, Teledyne announces the acquisition of ChartWorld, headquartered in Cyprus, with additional locations in Hamburg, Singapore, Vancouver and Tokyo. The company has 145 employees across those locations. ChartWorld is a leading provider of digital marine navigation hardware and software, through an affordable [...] Read more

Release of New 7Cs Analyzer - Version 5.1.0

A new version of 7Cs Analyzer has been released in November. The software has been extended to support the new S-58 Edition 7.0 (ENC Validation Standard), released by IHO in October 2022. Other new functions have been added to facilitate the validation of S-101 ENCs (including S-101 ECDIS portrayal). Currently many [...] Read more

ENC Encryptor Package update

SevenCs is pleased to announce the release of an update of the S-63 Encryption Package. The product is comprised of ENC Encryptor (for ENC protection and authentication) and ENC Permit Generator; it is built upon a PostgreSQL database. The ENC Encryption Package has been extended, to comply with the latest version of [...] Read more

S-101 Writer Plug-In for FME

7Cs’ S-101 Writer for FME is a new plug-in developed by SevenCs, for processing geo-spatial data by using the Feature Manipulation Engine (FME) from Safe Software Inc. The plug-in combines with FME, in enabling customers to take geo-spatial data in a variety of formats or databases and integrate it into new-generation [...] Read more

SevenCs has released the new version of its chart validation tool - 7Cs Analyzer 5.0.2

7Cs Analyzer’s display module has now been extended, enabling it to visualize both S-57 and S-101 vector geometry. Because the S-101 data model is much more complex than that of S-57, SevenCs has been devoting resources to overcome the greater data-validation challenge that this presents. Hence the new 7Cs Analyzer is [...] Read more

SevenCs Upgrades tool for production of ENCs, High-Density ENCs (HD ENCs), bENCs

ENC Bathymetry Plotter User Interface* SevenCs' new release of ENC Bathymetry Plotter, has been designed to assist Hydrographic Offices in the production of nautical charts. A key feature of the new software is the improvements in the generation of ENC contours and in selecting soundings. This helps to hugely reduce [...] Read more

New Version of 7Cs Analyzer Available Now

In November SevenCs published pre-release notes for an essential member of the ENC Production Tools family - 7Cs Analyzer 4.3. This drew an excited response from many customers, who expressed a strong interest in receiving the new version and trying out the new software functionality: The tool now comes with its own [...] Read more

Development Focus: New Release of WMS ChartServer

The popularity of web-based services is constantly growing. This growth goes hand in hand with higher performance requirements. These trends are also reflected in the expectations of our WMS ChartServer customers (new and old). Increasingly, customers demand fast responsiveness and great performance. Also, the [...] Read more

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