New bENC Validator released

In recent years more and more organizations worldwide - i.e. hydrographic offices, port and waterway authorities - have increased the production of so-called bathymetric ENCs (bENC). This is a high density bathymetry layer which can be put on top of an S-57 ENC for providing detailed, most up-to-date depth [...] Read more

ENC Analyzer 3.5.0 release

A new version of the ENC Analyzer 3.5.0 was released in November 2016. The new version comes with an updated and complete list of IHO S-58 Edition 5.0 ENC validation checks. Besides making the software compliant with S-58 requirements, improvements have been done to user friendliness and interfacing. Operators can now [...] Read more

Service Support at Holidays

Our company is looking forward to the seasonal holidays this year. However, remaining available for our customers’ requirements is a matter of course. That is why we will continue to offer 24/7 service support as usual, at both Christmas and New Year. No matter where our clients are and what time it is, we will stand [...] Read more

User Conference in Warnemünde

The SevenCs interactive User Conference took place on Monday in Warnemünde. The event turned out to be a friendly and productive meeting in the wonderful atmosphere of the Yachthafenresidenz Hohe Düne. The conference was intended to bring deeper understanding of the SevenCs technology in modern cartography. [...] Read more

Pilot Chart within seconds!

ORCA Pilot Chart Mapper is a new complementary tool for SevenCs PPU software, ORCA Pilot G2. This unique product is developed to make Pilots more independent, flexible and up to date, when it comes to high precision charts in local areas. Chart Mapper is a perfect tool to create an optional chart layer with high [...] Read more

ENC Bathymetry Plotter - product release

SevenCs is pleased to announce the release of a brand-new member of the ENC Tools family. ENC Bathymetry Plotter closes a large gap in the chart production workflow. ENC Bathymetry Plotter assists the producer of nautical charts in contour generation and helps to drastically reduce the manual work. The contouring [...] Read more

The Chart

In most of the ECS/ECDIS applications a background world chart is not provided at all, or it is provided at an insufficient scale. This leads to limitations in usability caused by irritating gaps in areas not covered by commercially purchased charts and may even endanger ship and crew in emergency situations. SevenCs [...] Read more

SevenCs at EMPA Meeting 2016

SevenCs attended the 50th EMPA (European Maritime Pilots' Association) General Meeting. We were pleased to present our latest developments – ORCA Pilot G2, the World’s first type approved PPU (Portable Pilot Unit) and ORCA Pilot Chart Mapper, the new tool for perfectly creating your own pilot charts within seconds. [...] Read more

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