Introducing 7Cs Analyzer 4.0

For more than 20 years, numerous digital chart producers (Hydrographic Offices, Waterway Authorities, and other organizations) have used SevenCs validation tools for quality control and quality assessment of digital charts such as ENCs, IENCs, and AMLs against the relevant standards. At SevenCs, we have been working [...] Read more

TECHweek 2018

In Autumn 2018 we are starting an exclusive new series of online events called “TechWeek Live”. In a very practical way we will share the latest software innovations from SevenCs and assess future challenges of the maritime sector. Being active participants of the IMO, IHO and other technical working groups and [...] Read more

New Challenges for Digital Chart Production

SevenCs are proud to present an article by our dear colleague, Friedhelm Moggert-Kägeler, - "New Challenges for Digital Chart Production" published in July issue of Hydro International. Read the article

Norwegian pilots select SevenCs’ iOS navigation software

The Norwegian Coastal Administration (NCA) has decided to equip their 280 pilots with modern navigation and pilotage software. The contract has been awarded to the German company SevenCs to deliver a brand new and tailor-made application on iOS platform. This product will also be available on App Store. More details [...] Read more

ORCA Master G2 and ORCA NAVY G2 update Release

ORCA Master G2 and ORCA NAVY G2 will shortly be updated by adding new features, improving performance and enhancing even greater ease-of-use. Furthermore new features – e.g. display of BSB, AML 3.0, DNC – and the compatibility of radar overlay will become available. Both software versions will be compliant with the [...] Read more

SevenCs has launched a new YouTube Channel

SevenCs changed its YouTube location. Instead of three channels based on product videos of ORCA Pilot, ORCA Master and ENC Tools now you can find all SevenCs video tutorials and marketing content in one place. We have also updated our portfolio and published some new videos about ORCA Pilot G2 and the most popular [...] Read more

Top speed for your maritime charts

SevenCs has just released a brand new software tool called TMS ChartServer which is running on a high performance “Tile Map Service” technology. It allows users of maritime web and mobile applications – e.g. Fleet Monitoring, Vessel Tracking, and Surveying – to display maritime charts at top speed: no matter if full [...] Read more

NEW Functionalities for ENC Bathymetry Plotter

The very first version of ENC Bathymetry Plotter – SevenCs’ new contouring solution for nautical charts – was released in summer 2016. The focus in the 2017-update was set to performance and robustness of the software. Many existing and new customers had tested ENC Bathymetry Plotter thoroughly. They provided positive [...] Read more

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