Release of 7Cs Analyzer Navy Module for AML Validation


Quality control is a critical component in the production and maintenance of Navigational Charts. This applies not only to ENCs but to AMLs (Additional Military Layers) as well.  While ENCs must be validated against IHO ENC VALIDATION CHECKS S-58 for the validation of AMLs, a dedicated standard exists.

A new module, Version 4.1 – called Navy – has been introduced to 7Cs Analyzer. The Navy module enables 7Cs Analyzer customers to validate AML data. The AML product specifications, AML 2.x and 3.0, are supported.

The validation of these datasets is based on the draft NATO AML co-production programme, ‘Recommended AML Verification Checks’, Ver. 2.0. As soon as the status of the new AML validation standard will have changed from draft to release, 7Cs Analyzer will be updated accordingly.

Previous version of SevenCs’ new-generation chart-validation tool, 7Cs Analyzer 4.0., was released in March 2019.

Next 7Cs Analyzer Version 4.2. is already clearly in sight on the horizon. The scheduled release date is March 2020. It will bring exciting new features:

Shape-file export

Version 4.2 will include a new module that allows users to store the validation log file in ESRI© shape-file  format. The shape files will include the features that are affected and the associated validation messages. This makes it much easier to locate the erroneous features in third-party production software. Most chart-production tools have an integrated shape-file reader.

Custom Check Wizard

Many chart producers have introduced specific validation checks in addition to those specified in S-58. The Custom Check Wizard makes it very easy to define such proprietary checks in 7Cs Analyzer. With a few clicks, the user can specify the relevant check conditions, feature relationships, relevant attributes, and other check parameters.

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