SevenCs launches S-100 Data Management System

At the 3rd IHO Assembly, SevenCs is proud to present its new development, the S-100 Data Management System (SDMS), designed to help organisations better manage their S-57/ S-100 datasets and comply with the dependencies set out in the standards. SDMS is the future of hydrographic data management - especially when S-100 products take centre stage.

Manufacturers of electronic navigation charts can apply predefined workflows to ensure that the ENC quality assurance process is as compliant as possible with standards.

The system consists of a core module that controls individual processes, takes care of user rights management and guides workflows.

Additional functional modules take care of individual tasks; these tasks include validation, visualisation and data import in the current version; data conversion and data encryption will appear in the next version of SDMS. These modules can be added separately to the main module; thus, if your organisation needs it, it can extend the functionality at any time.


  • Status-driven management system for S-100 processing workflows
  • Workflow Management based on the S-57 and S-100 standards
  • Database, Application Server, Web User Interface
  • User Management
  • Works as a cloud service or in a local network and can also be used on a desktop computer
  • The integrated Validation Module interacts with 7Cs Analyzer
  • Focus on ’after-production‘ steps
  • Support and storage for S-57 and S-101 data products
  • Log provides User Activity Reporting

Visitors to Monaco's leading marine industry event have the opportunity to see the system in action and ask questions directly to solution developers.

Come and find SevenCs at Booth 10 C, May 2 – 5, 2023 at the Grimaldi Forum in Monaco, France.

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