SevenCs Launches 7Cs Analyzer Service API, Improving Access to Chart Validation Tools

SevenCs has announced the launch of its 7Cs Analyzer Service Application Programming Interface (API). Chart producers and hydrographic offices of all sizes can use this new API to activate
the S-57/S-100 validation engine of SevenCs Analyzer, in workflows such as chart production and data-quality assurance procedures.

7Cs Analyzer Service API can be installed on an 'in-house' physical server or on a virtual server that the customer manages and administers; it can also be hosted by SevenCs, with users accessing the 7Cs Analyzer Engine through the API feature on an 'as needed' basis.

Friedhelm Moggert-Kägeler, ChartWorld Group's Solutions Director for Maritime Spatial Data, said "7Cs Analyzer Desktop is a well-recognized validation tool for hydrographic offices, RENCs, producers of Inland ENCs, etc., to ensure chart compatibility and data compliance. The new API means that, to a large extent, the whole validation process can be automated; as much as is possible, this relieves users of the need to interact manually with the data. The API has been developed with flexibility in mind, to ensure that organizations with lower work volumes and smaller IT infrastructure can also access the world’s leading ENC data-validation tool—because we need consistency to ensure safe navigation."

7Cs Analyzer has primarily been used by hydrographic offices and chart producers to ensure an ENC’s quality, accuracy, and compliance with the relevant IHO standards (e.g., S-57, S-58, S-100, S-101). The software provides various functions of analysis and quality control, for detecting and correcting potential errors or anomalies in the ENCs. These include:

Data Validation: The tool verifies both the integrity of ENCs and their compliance with International Hydrographic Organization (IHO) standards and other regulations. It checks for issues like overlapping objects, missing data, incorrect attributes, and others.

Chart Comparison: Users can compare different versions of ENCs, to identify changes, updates, or discrepancies between them.

Data Queries: SevenCs Analyzer can extract specific information or attributes from ENCs, such as depth contours, buoys, or navigational aids, for further analysis or for reporting.

SevenCs Analyzer gives data producers confidence that their datasets comply with the relevant IHO standards. The tool offers seamless integration with ENC Designer (S-57 datasets only) and validation by the S-100 Data Management System.

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