New Version of 7Cs Analyzer Available Now

In November SevenCs published pre-release notes for an essential member of the ENC Production Tools family - 7Cs Analyzer 4.3. This drew an excited response from many customers, who expressed a strong interest in receiving the new version and trying out the new software functionality:
  • The tool now comes with its own chart display, for better review and error analysis.
  • Highlighted features or geometries when users click on individual messages.
  • Query functions and filters enabling the user to quickly grasp the reasons for errors.
  • Shape-file export, for smooth integration of 7Cs Analyzer log files into third-party production systems.


The software was released without delay, in December. All support customers have received an update and are already benefitting from the new features.

In this context, it is worth mentioning that 7Cs Analyzer 4.3 is aligned with the latest valid version of the High Density (HD) ENC Production and Maintenance Guidance (IHO, S-65 Annex A, Edition 1.0.0, January 2020).


SevenCs are happy to offer a free trial version of 7Cs Analyzer to hydrographic services, port and harbour authorities, surveying companies and coastal surveillance authorities, military chart-production units, simulation-systems manufacturers and integrators.


7Cs Analyzer is an application for the validation of S-57 and S-100 datasets. It provides data producers with the confidence that their datasets are compliant with the relevant IHO standards.

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