New version of SevenCs ENC Designer comes with improved usability for IHO S-58 5.0.0 ENC validation checks

The new ENC Designer 4.6.2 has been released in November 2014. It comes with improved functionality to highlight the new validation categories that were introduced in the brand new Edition 5.0.0. of S-58.

Like ENC Analyzer ENC Designer now uses different font colours to reflect the different severity levels  (critical – red, error – brick red, warnings – blue) of the validation log messages as depicted in the image below. This makes it easy for users to quickly identify errors that are categorized as critical.



The IHO is in the process of introducing a mandatory minimum check standard for ENCs. The idea of the new severity schema of S-58 is to highlight such errors that would make an ENC unusable in ECDIS. Currently the IHO is waiting until producers will be able to meet the new check standard before releasing a new edition of S-58.

We are happy to announce that SevenCs and L-3 Oceania ENC validation tools are fully compliant with the new IHO S-58 standard already and are proud that we can provide you with the appropriate tools to help you assure that your ENCs meet the minimum check standard for new and updated ENC data.

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