ORCA Master G2 and ORCA NAVY G2 update Release


ORCA Master G2 and ORCA NAVY G2 will shortly be updated by adding new features, improving performance and enhancing even greater ease-of-use.

Furthermore new features – e.g. display of BSB, AML 3.0, DNC – and the compatibility of radar overlay will become available.

Both software versions will be compliant with the latest IHO requirements S-52 Presentation Library (2017) Edition 4.0.2 and S-64 Edition 3.0.2.

Some other minor features have been developed as well, such as a new replay structure to save disk space and new alarm handling for safer journey.

Overall these Electronic Chart Systems are compatible with Windows laptops and panel PCs.  The easy access to ChartWorld chart distribution service, such as CIO+ (ChartWorld Information Overlay+), makes them outstanding. 


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