SevenCs announce 7Cs Analyzer pre-release

SevenCs are glad to announce the upcoming release of 7Cs Analyzer, the essential member of ENC Tools family.

Here are the main new features:

  • The 7Cs Analyzer software now comes with its own chart display for better review and analysis of errors;
  • The features and/or geometries affected will be highlighted as the point of focus when data reviewers click on individual messages;
  • Highly effective query functions and filters allow the user to quickly grasp the reasons behind individual errors.

Other new features:

  • Support of the new S-65 Annex A High Density (HD) ENC Production and Maintenance Guidance (Edition 1.0.0, January 2020);
  • Shape-file export for smooth integration of 7Cs Analyzer log files in third-party production systems.

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