SevenCs Innovates ENC Tools

SevenCs launches major updates for several products of their ENC Tools Suite.

The announced update package includes fresh features, bug fixes and extensions due to new standards and specifications which are relevant to digital chart production. By integrating the latest version of the SevenCs ECDIS Kernel (EC2007 v.5.20) the ENC Tools Suite strongly benefits from many innovative Kernel features, such as supporting IHO’s Presentation Library 4.0. and superior performance.

Furthermore many SevenCs customers reside in countries that do not use Latin characters. Consequently they prefer to use their native letters, e.g. to name folders. Accordingly the ENC Tools have been extended to support such character sets.

The latest version is also a major step for the Inland navigation community. In April 2015 the newest edition of product specifications for Inland ENCs (IENC 2.4) has been released. This official dataset can now be easily handled with the SevenCs renewed tool package: ENC Designer (production), S-57 Writer for FME (translation), SeeMyENC (visualization), and ENC Optimizer (processing), fully support all features and attributes defined in the new standard.

For those clients protecting and distributing their own data, the management of customer data in the ENC Permit Generator was improved to make work more efficient and user friendly. Bjoern Roehlich, Sales Director of SevenCs comments: “Our core values in software development are ease of use, added value to our clients and reliability. The new versions of the ENC Tools are a good example for these values since they allow our users to run their ENC production at a professional and efficient level.” 

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