SevenCs launches ORCA Master G2

SevenCs is proud to announce the launch of the new version of its ECS product series. ORCA Master is one of the most commonly used ECS. It is utilized by professional navigators, workboats and hydrographic offices worldwide.

he new ORCA Master G2 has been optimized for touchscreen usability, but still supports traditional input methods with keyboard and trackball.

Developed by professional navigators for professional navigators, ORCA Master G2 is as easy and intuitive as possible and at the same time provides a high level of automation, reducing user interaction to the minimum.

The software was developed to meet the latest standards for ECDIS type approval, so all features required for safe and comfortable navigation at a professional level are included.


Stephan Rekop (professional workboat operator) says: “With my ships I do not need a full-blown ECDIS, but I would like to benefit from modern technology and use official ENCs. When I saw the new ORCA Master G2 for the first time I was impressed by the ease of use and the clever features available”.


Loading charts and permits appears to be a difficult and time-consuming exercise with most navigation systems. With ORCA Master G2 loading and updating charts just takes a single tap without having to shut down the navigation mode.

This new product can be provided as software only, or in a package together with IEC conform hardware and type approval for OEM customers.


Interested readers may watch the new software in action at the SevenCs’ YouTube Channel:

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