SevenCs presents the new WMS ChartServer

The newly released ChartServer 4.3 version allows more flexible configuration of the chart image and includes: 

  • ARCS support;
  • Support of both Linux and Windows versions;
  • Extended Chart Object Filtering;
  • Support of all S-52 (ECDIS) chart settings;
  • Support of multiple chart formats: S-57/S-63; ARCS; DNC; VMap; ARINC; DTED.

It also includes the newly improved chart loading and installation tool - Chart Handler.

ChartServer is a WMS server that enables the user to view nautical chart data (e.g. S-63 encrypted ENCs). It can be used in combination with or as a backdrop to other geo-spatial data layers (e.g. weather). ChartServer is specifically designed for performance oriented applications, generated to display chart data using web technology. ChartServer is developed in accordance with OGC requirements, making it the perfect tool for the integration with your application.

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